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A Complete Guide to 7 Renewable Energy Sources

There are numbers of energy sources that are renewable and environment-friendly. Such energy sources are found in the air, in sunlight, and in oceans. They offer an alternative cleaner energy source that are part of the physical structure of our earth and are constantly being renewed. Such energy resources play a vital role in balancing the environment of our ecosystems. These power generation methods or sustainable energy sources won’t run out easily. Plus, they are alternative to conventional fossil fuels such as coal and oil. If you really care about the environment in Brisbane and other parts of Australia, then it is good to minimise the use of non-renewable energy sources and make the most out of renewable resources. However, it doesn’t mean you misuse or harm the natural resources because renewable ones are not 100 % environmentally safe. For example, wind turbines utilise the energy from the sun to generate clean electricity, but it can harm the environment from the manufacturing process. Apart from this, dams use the power of moving water, but they can be harmful to marine wildlife. So, it is always good to take smart ways while using renewable energy sources in Brisbane. Below is the list of 7 sustainable energy sources that can help you reduce the use of non-renewable fossil fuels.

Solar Power

Photovoltaic (PV) solar power is one of the most popular renewable energy sources. In this process, the energy from the sun is used to generate electricity. With the enhancement in the technology, you can make the use of solar cells because they are flexible, reliable and can be installed easily. The use of solar power is commonly used for small to medium-sized applications. In the last few years, the solar installations have increased in both the residential and commercial sectors in Brisbane. If you are planning to buy a business in Brisbane, make sure you make the most out of the solar energy. In case, you are buying a business that use electricity during daylight hours (9am to 5pm, you should head towards solar power to save the consumption of conventional energy for the sake of the environment.

Tidal Power

The tidal energy can be generated in two different ways- stream generators and barrage generation. The energy you get to produce from the tidal generations are considered to be more eco-friendly. Plus, they are good for the existing ecosystems.

Wind Power

In this process, the wind energy is converted into the electrical and mechanical energy. It is commonly used in remote areas to generate electricity. Wind farms have fastened to the power transmission network and many residential units are making the use of wind power. This source of energy has become powerful enough to run large appliances in your house in Brisbane.

Wave Power

It is also known as the transport of the energy through ocean surface waves. This type of renewable energy source is used for producing electricity, water pumping and water desalination. However, the direction of waves can’t be predicted, it becomes quite difficult to harness the wave power. But many wave farms have been established using the Pelamis Wave Energy Converters.

Geothermal Energy

The heat is taken from the earth’s surface to produce renewable energy. Since water or steam carry the geothermal energy to the surface of the earth, it is considered as one of the best sustainable energies to generate clean electricity. It has the potential to provide heat for the residential sector and even large-scale areas. There are many geothermal power plants in Australia that is used to produce energy – which is great to cut down the use of fossil fuels.


This is process of generating the electricity from hydro power. The energy from flowing water is converted into clean electricity. It is also a renewable energy source because the water cycle is renewed by the sun on a constant basis. The dams and other waterways have been used to install small scale hydropower systems to produce clean electricity.
Radiant Energy
This is one of the best alternatives to standard electricity without even harming the environment. It is the energy of electromagnetic waves that can travel via space. The fuel-free and independent radiant devices have been used to produce energy.
These are seven renewable energy sources that can be used to protect the environment and minimise the use of non-renewable energy sources and fossil fuels. You can also explore these different types and understand the importance of sustainable energy sources. If you are an entrepreneur and also concerned about the environmental impacts, then it is good to choose solar power for your business instead of using conventional means of energy sources- that are non-renewable.