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Home Solar Power

Want to get rid of the increasing electricity bills? Then, switch to solar energy. Installation of the solar panel shed the burden of paying huge electricity bills. Also, it keeps the environment clean and green. Home solar panels are easy to maintain and demands only one-time investment. The life of solar panel is 25 years minimum, and it works well if taken care properly.

This system is beneficial because you can save the unused energy. This is referred to like the extra generated power. In this, the pre-owned power is redirected to the grid which can be used later. Switching to new technology power generation system is a smart idea. Firstly, solar goes easy on your pocket. Secondly, the panel will pay for itself in first three to six years.

The solar panels we install are of trusted companies. The quality of the panel maintains the performance and makes it run life-long. Installation of solar panel offers you high returns. Your property value will increase by percents. According to a recent survey people are opting for the solar panel installed properties.

Off Grid Solar Power

Off-grid technology has improved over the years. This is helpful for those living far off from the main electric grid. Installation of this panel is cheap in comparison to the others. Also, this system relives you from the power cut.

Off grid solar panels are easy to install. The working of the panel starts with

  • Sun shines on the panel and DC (direct current) is generated.
  • DC is then transmitted to a regulator that controls charging
  • The batteries are charged

Self-installation of off-grid solar panel is also possible. You need to set the panel surface in the right angle (90°degree) of the sun. This helps in extracting maximum number of photons from the sun for generating power. In Brisbane, the panel surface is set up in the northern direction to attract the sunlight throughout the day.

Off Grid Resort Solar

Resorts consume loads of electricity. The off grid resort solar is the best way to earn profits. The resort owners have huge space that can be used for power generation. Solar panels set up mostly on the rooftops. The direct sunlight on the panel will generate huge amount of power.Solar energy has the feature of saving the unused power. Electricity is consumed day and night in resorts. That causes huge electricity bills. The commercial rates and added taxes increase the payable amount.

Solar panels used for resorts are custom specified. The design not only offer surplus electricity but can also be wireless communication enabled. Solar panels enhance the overall performance of the resort. Solar is of great use if your resort is located in a hot weather location. This system also works as a cooling agent and slow down in temperature can also seen.

This power generation system is low on cost and high on performance. The maintenance of the panel can make the system work for a long time.