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How much does a solar cost?

Cost depends on the size of the solar panel. Each customer has different requirements. Installation process, area and weather conditions are the feature that goes in calculating the cost of the solar.

What is the reason behind grid connection?

Grids are connected to ensure flow of the electrons which generates electricity and pass it through the inverter. The generated energy is guided back to the grid in case it is not consumed. The owner of the solar panel gets credit or payment for this electricity. This is referred to as tariff.

Is orientation of roof necessary?

yes. The solar panel is set in the direction from where they can extract the maximum sunlight. In Brisbane, photons can be generated at the maximum from the northern direction.

what affects the electricity generation from the solar panels?

The amount of electricity generation depends on the weather of the locality. That includes season of the year, latitude of the generation point, day of the year, (moon eclipse/solar eclipse), moisture in the air, clouds, thundering and lighting.

Is maintenance of solar panel easy?

Maintenance of panels is easy. Inspection is needed once a year for removal of dust & debris on the panel. If the panel is set on a tall roof, then you call an executive from the installation company. Garden hose is the commonly used to clean the surface of the panels.

How does the panel generate electricity during the cloudy conditions?

Apart from extracting photons from the direct sunlight, the panel can generate electricity from dim and diffused light. However, the time of producing electricity will be longer in comparison to the normal days. The sun drifting out of the clouds help in quick absorption of the photons.

Which type of electric cables do you use in solar panel system?

Many companies use 2.4 mm and 4mm cheap cables. As it lower the price. But, we use high-quality cables in direct current and alternate current.