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Solar System


Solar System

Solar Tracking system

Solar tracking system is a high-end technology based system. This system is enabled with a tracking feature that provides exceptionally high amount of generated electricity.

This system works on single axis and double axis. The solar tracking system has become the first choice in business and other institutions. Solar panels are stationery but, this tracking system moves around with the sun. Axis helps the system to follow the sun everywhere.

This system generates more power than the stationery solar panels. The difference ranges from between 10% to 25%.

Single axis and double axis tracking system, weather conditions and requirement are the deciding factors for installation of this system.

These systems don’t need long term maintenance.

Commercial Solar

Commercial solar is used to offer power generation supply to the various industries. There is an increase in the demand for this system. This is surely an investment for business purpose.

Business always has a scope for improvement. Conversion from the traditional way of electricity generation to solar energy increases the business profit ratio.

Fetch half of your power bill from sun and half from the incentives offered by the Australian Government. The design of solar panel depends on the requirement. You can earn from your solar panel as well.

Some of the solar manufacturing companies pay for the unused energy. So, if you have electricity redirected to the grid, then you have zero cost at power billing.

Solar Farms

Solar farm is a huge space to setup the photovoltaic panels. These PV generate clean and cost efficient. The space can range anywhere from 1 acre to thousands. Solar parks are usually created in rural or far off places from the main city.

Proper planning goes in prior to the installment of solar farms. Identification of plot, direct of sun/wind, geographical conditions have to be studied. Solar farms are best to generate power as it makes zero noise pollution. It offers combined farming.

The most prominent feature of a solar farm is its immovable part. The panels won’t move once they are installed. Solar farm is a technology friendly process of generating electricity. Today it supports nearly 80% of the power generation industry. The clean and green nature of this system, maintain the ecological balance of the environment.